Dröse and Norberg is a production company based in Stockholm, Sweden that works all around Sweden and has the ambition to expand around the world. We specialize in customized entertainment and we create productions of the highest quality from scratch, that performs on both small and big stages. We produce shows based on diffrent themes for both entertainment- and tourist facilities but also for night clubs and events. We also have a large production of theatrical and musical performances.

This is a selection of our shows and theaters

The Light gets the party going in the house.
Together with our DJ, the three artists lifts clubbing to a complete new level.
The latest dance hits performed live by our artists and mixed live on stage by
the Lights own DJ! Its groovy, funky and very energetic! No one can resist
The Lights extreme clubbing on Stage.
See trailer - http://drosenorberg.se/video/266

The decadance, disco and the eurodisco of the 70´s - 00´s
Studio 54 was a legendary nightclub in New York during the 70´s and 80´s and
we will open a local branch for just one evening. Step in to Studio 54 and
experience the decadance of the 70´s, the glitz of disco in the 80´s and the
eurodisco of the 90´s. Meet the eccentric characters that makes Studio 54 a
unforgettable place. It´s tight sparkling, sweaty and the hypnotic rythm of
disco is irresistible to every generation. Village people, Jackson Five,
The Supremes, Boney M, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Avicii and
Katy Perry. The list goes on and on forever. The show is diveded into 3 and 7 sets.
See trailer:

Our passionate, rhythmic beat goes straight into the heart of Rock´n Roll.
Meet Elvis, Tina Turner, The Beatles and many other rock giants from
the 50´s to 90´s! This is an all inclusive Rock show, a vibriting, pumping
rock explosion. Long live Rock n´Roll.
See Trailer: http://drosenorberg.se/video/111

Le rouge is french-inspired avant-garde show that start off with a touch
of the french revolution before becoming a wild and sensual burlesque,
including crazy circus animals and clowns in straightjackets among many
other things. The artists push all imaginable boundaries with the help of
humour, music, song, and exotic dance. Vampires, scantly clad werewolfes,
stiff baguettes and ofcourse the legendary inspector Clouseau.
Le Rouge - pushing the boundaries of the imagination.
See Trailer: http://drosenorberg.se/video/108

A tribute to the great soul stars. We give you Diana Ross, Marwin Gaye,
Aretha Franklin Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and James Brown on a string.
Motown is the legendary record company that gave name to an entire music
genre, music that affects emotionally with a fashion of it own and forever
glowing stars! This show has a rhythmical, harmonized tempo which guarantees
a swaying evening. If you want to be delighted, of you want to dance, if you
want to sing, your obviuous pick will be our soul show!

Come and visit the land over the rainbow toghether with Dorothy, and join
her amazing journey through the Land of OZ. Perhaps we will meet the
incredible agile Scarecrow, the very stiff Tin Man and the extremely cowerdly
Lion, and then the four friends will start there fantastic adventure toghether.
There they will run into Munchkins, a Vole King and his army, and the very
very green and unmagical Wizard. The challenges are many, will they survive
this adventure against angry wolves, flying monkeys and the mean Wicked
Witch of the West..
See Trailer: http://drosenorberg.se/video/206

Dröse & Norberg provides a large range of family entertainment. You can choose
to meet Pippi Longstocking, the story about the worlds strongest girl or see the
straggering adventure with The pirates. We also collaborate with a number of
tourist resorts where entertainment for children is an important factor. Here
you can enjoy poolside-entertainment and meet characters like pirates,
princesses and dolphine mascots.
See trailer: http://youtu.be/WamYsZLdVL4


Anna Norberg
CEO / Producer
+46 (0)70 892 02 24

Robert Dröse
Creative Director
+46 (0)70 892 02 88